Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (2024)


  • Archer is an acclaimed animated series that blends spy thriller tropes with adult humor, featuring well-crafted, multi-dimensional characters that drive the engaging narrative.
  • The show's characters, such as Katya Kazanova and Barry Dylan, undergo significant transformations, adding emotional turmoil and enhancing the dynamic between them and the protagonist, Sterling Archer.
  • Characters like Ray Gillette and Pam Poovey provide comedic relief and unexpected moments, while Lana Kane brings a strong, empowering female presence to the predominantly male spy world.

Archer is an acclaimed animated action series blending spy thriller tropes with adult humor and distinctive character dynamics. The show was created by Adam Reed and revolves around the life of Sterling Archer, a competent yet self-absorbed spy. Each character contributes uniquely to the show's charm and humor, from Lana Kane's strong-willed professionalism to Mallory Archer's manipulative tactics.

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Other noteworthy characters include the unpredictable Cheryl Tunt and the antagonist-turned-cyborg Barry Dylan. These characters often incorporate subtle references to pop culture, history, and literature, adding enjoyment for viewers who catch them. Archer is a testament to well-crafted, multi-dimensional characters driving an engaging narrative.

10 Katya Kazanova

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (1)

Katya Kazanova is a former KGB operative who becomes Sterling Archer's love interest. As a defector from the Russian spy agency KGB, she saves Sterling Archer's life from an assassination attempt, beginning their romantic relationship.

Katya and Archer quickly develop a deep bond, and Archer even proposes to her, displaying a strong level of commitment. Tragically, she's killed but later resurrected as a cyborg by Dr. Krieger. Her revival invariably stirs up emotional turmoil for Archer, contributing significantly to his character development throughout the series.

9 Barry Dylan

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (2)

Barry Dylan is a competent spy for ODIN (The Organization of Democratic Intelligence Networks), a rival agency to ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). He shares a rivalry with Archer, which evolves into a personal vendetta after a series of unfortunate events.

Barry undergoes a drastic transformation, becoming a cyborg after a near-death experience. Barry's physical capabilities become greatly enhanced as a cyborg, and he frequently seeks revenge against Archer. He also briefly becomes the head of the KGB and has a tumultuous relationship with Katya Kazanova.

8 Ray Gillette

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (3)

Ray Gillette is a main character in the series and a fellow field agent with Archer at the ISIS agency. Ray's calm and composed demeanor contrast sharply with the chaotic work environment. He's a former Olympic athlete and often serves as a voice of reason, attempting to keep Archer's impulsive behavior in check.

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Ray's character is openly gay, and he often experiences major physical setbacks, being paralyzed and subsequently transformed into a cyborg. Despite his unfortunate circ*mstances, Ray maintains a sarcastic wit and resilience, making him a standout character.

7 Cheryl Tunt

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (4)

Cheryl Tunt is the eccentric secretary at the spy agency ISIS. She's often depicted as erratic, indulgent, and uninhibited, with a fondness for bizarre and often disturbing personal hobbies. While initially introduced as a relatively minor character, Cheryl's unpredictable behavior and outrageous one-liners have made her a fan favorite.

Over the series, it's revealed she's a wealthy heiress. However, she continues to work at the agency and is obsessed with Archer. Cheryl's unpredictability and wild antics consistently add humor to the series, contributing to many memorable moments.

6 Cyril Figgis

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (5)

Cyril Figgis is a main character and the comptroller for ISIS. Cyril's character is marked by his insecurity, often feeling inadequate compared to skilled field agents like Archer. Despite his neuroticism, Cyril aspires to become a field agent, leading to many humorous situations.

He has a complicated romantic relationship with Lana Kane, Archer's on-and-off love interest. Cyril's gradual development from a mild-mannered accountant to a more confident field agent makes his character interesting. His everyman perspective provides a relatable viewpoint amid the chaotic spy world.

5 Dr. Algernop Krieger

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (6)

Dr. Algernop Krieger is a main character who serves as the head scientist at ISIS. Krieger is a smart genius, but his morally ambiguous and often unethical scientific experiments provide a source of dark humor. His questionable research includes human cloning, mind control, and cyborg technology.

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It's hinted that Krieger may be a clone or the biological son of Adolf Hitler, a recurring joke throughout the series. Despite his lack of social skills, Krieger's eccentric personality, outlandish inventions, and mysterious background make him one of the show's most intriguing characters.

4 Pam Poovey

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (7)

Pam Poovey is initially introduced as the Human Resources Director at ISIS. Pam is known for her brash, unfiltered, and often inappropriate behavior. Despite her crude exterior, Pam transforms into a competent field agent over time, providing some of the show's most unexpected and funny moments.

Pam's character is unapologetically herself, with a rich backstory that includes underground fight clubs and drift car racing. She is also bilingual, with fluency in Japanese. Pam often entertains and steals the show with her outrageous exploits and uncensored commentary.

3 Mallory Archer

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (8)

Mallory Archer, a central character, is Archer's mother and the former head of ISIS. She is cunning, manipulative, and domineering. Despite her harsh exterior, she occasionally shows vulnerability and affection, especially towards her son.

Mallory's character embodies a paradox, as she is fiercely protective and overly critical of Archer. Known for her sharp wit, heavy drinking, and harsh management style, Mallory provides much of the show's humor and conflict. Her love-hate relationship with Archer is a central theme throughout the series, driving much of the plot and character development.

2 Lana Kane

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (9)

Lana Kane is a main character and a top field agent for ISIS. She is highly competent and known for her wit, strength, and no-nonsense attitude. Lana is Archer's on-again, off-again love interest, and their turbulent relationship provides much of the series drama.

Lana eventually becomes a mother, which influences her choices and motivations. Despite the often absurd and dangerous situations she faces, Lana remains focused and dedicated to her job. Her character provides a strong, empowering female presence in Archer's predominantly male spy world.

1 Sterling Archer

Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (10)

Sterling Archer is the titular character and one of the best field agents of ISIS. Archer is skilled yet notoriously immature and self-centered. Despite his professional competence, his personal life is characterized by irresponsible behavior, womanizing tendencies, and a complicated relationship with his overbearing mother, Mallory Archer.

His arrogant personality, often leading to reckless decision-making, drives much of the series' conflict. However, Archer has moments of vulnerability, especially involving his on-and-off love interest, Lana Kane, revealing a depth to his character that makes him both frustrating and endearing to audiences.

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Archer: 10 Best Characters, Ranked (2024)
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