Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (2024)

Archeris currently the most successful animated series on FXX and boasts four Primetime Emmy Awards as well as four Critics Choice Awards. The series centers on a dysfunctional spy agency and the hilarious mishaps they face. The series is currently in the middle of its 12th season, and with that comes a slew of dynamic and hilarious new characters.

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Whether these characters help to shape the upcoming storyline for the season, become a love interest for one of the main cast members, or a new villain to face, these characters serve to continue the series' success. While there have been many characters to enter the Archer universe, there are some that stand out among the rest for their ability to impact the main cast and affect the overall outcome of the series.

Alan Shapiro

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (1)

Alan Shapiro made his debut during season 7 as the lawyer of Veronica Deane. Alan is quieter than other characters, but he still plays a valuable role by giving the main group various jobs. He also admits to being deeply in love with Veronica, even though she eventually becomes a villain.

He proved to be an important character because he joins the main group on many of their missions and ends up being the source of their jokes during his time on the series. Alan's home is also broken into at the start of the season by the ISIS crew, which fuels the entire flow of the season. He also becomes an accomplice to Veronica's crimes as well, further showing his loyalty to her.

Gustavo Calderon

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (2)

Gustavo Calderon showed that he was a valuable character from the moment he was introduced. Gustavo is the president of San Marcos in season 5 and is the number one fan of country music singer Cherlene. He is a dictator of the war and is eventually overthrown by Cyril. Gustavo escapes from jail with Archer and Cherlene but is killed by a tiger.

Gustavo matched the other main characters with his witty behavior and humor. Gustavo also had a major impact on the success of Cherlene's music career, which she eventually abandoned because of his unhealthy obsession with her. Unfortunately, Gustavo is mauled by a tiger after Cherlene releases it, making his mortality ranked at one of the highest.


Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (3)

Slater is a CIA agent that poses as a drug dealer the first time he and Archer meet in season 5. Slater continues his relationship with the ISIS crew by continuously giving them oddball missions. He also comes up with overly complex plans for any mission he is involved in.

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Slater is a notable character because of his consistent belittling of the main group, even though he develops plans that are overly complicated. He hates having to rely on them during various missions and is not afraid to make his hatred well known. Slater is also memorable because of his fighting ability and proves to be able to hold his own anytime he is forced to work with the core group.

Ron Cadillac

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (4)

Ron Cadillac made his debut in season 4 as Malory's new husband. He often boasts about his successful Cadillac dealerships and is unafraid to say what is on his mind. Ron seems to be a dud of a character until he tells Archer an elaborate story of how he used to steal cars when he was younger.

Ron is one of the best characters because he joins the cast without much pushback and offers his personal opinion about the spying business whenever he can. He also offers business advice to Malory on multiple occasions, which gives him a running gag moment with the other cast members. Ron also wants to impress Malory and Archer, but he spends most of his time coming off as boring and annoying.

Rip Riley

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (5)

Rip Riley is tasked with locating Archer after he goes missing in season 3, but the pair are captured by pirates. He stays with Archer on the pirate island and is constantly mistreated by Archer during their time there. Rip and Archer are eventually rescued, ending his time in the series.

Rip is another great character because of his excellence in spying and combat. He also remained loyal to bringing Archer home, despite the pair hating each other and constantly fighting. He also proves to be a formidable match to Archer's cunning personality and quick wit, further solidifying him as one of the best guest stars in the series.

Cecil Tunt

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (6)

Cecil Tunt his debut appearance in season 4 when he is enlisted by Malory to transport the ISIS crew to the ocean to recover a hydrogen bomb. However, the bomb is a ruse and Cecil instead has them help stop a bomb threat in his underwater lab. Cecil and Cheryl are siblings, though not very close, and their fortune is shared between them.

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Cecil proved to be one of the best characters introduced after season 1 because of the way that he helped the ISIS team at the end of season 4. He also becomes a villain to Cheryl and their personalities prove to be completely opposite. Furthermore, Cecil continued to star in season 8 and became a prominent figure in one of Archer's coma dreams.

Veronica Deane

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (7)

Veronica Deane became a reoccurring character during season 7. She hires the Figgis Agency, formerly ISIS, to help her recover something stolen from her. Archer becomes immediately attracted to her and pursues her throughout the season. During the season finale, Veronica shoots Archer, causing him to be in a coma.

Despite only starring in one season, Veronica proved to be an important character to the series. She was a love interest of Archer's, broke Archer and Lana up, and even set up the main storyline for season 7. She was also the reason that Archer was in a coma through seasons 8-10, which helped set up the Archer's coma years storyline.

Abbiejean Kane-Archer

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (8)

Abbiejean is the daughter of Lana and Archer. She is born at the end of season 5 and frequently reoccurs throughout the series. Abbiejean is still fairly young, making her dialogue rare, but she changes Lana and Archer's life. She helps Lana understand motherhood and gives her a deeper sense of purpose, and Archer shows that he truly does care about her wellbeing as well.

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Abbiejean is a vital character because she helped Archer and Lana grow and mature. She also gets kidnapped during season 11, which helps further develop the bond between Archer and Lana. Archer also shows his dedication to Abbiejean and his desire to be a father to her despite his immature behavior. She embodies the perfect balance of her parent's personalities, making her a vital addition to the main cast.

Katya Kazanova

Archer: Best Characters Introduced After Season 1 (9)

One of the best characters introduced is Katya Kazanova, a KGB agent that Archer almost marries. She is introduced in season 2 after saving Archer from the KGB. After this, she defects from the KGB and attempts to join ISIS. During her wedding to Archer, she is killed by Barry but comes back a cyborg and takes over the KGB.

Katya plays a massive role in Archerby becoming a frequent love interest for Archer and by being an intelligent spy. Katya makes her ascension into power subtly on the show, making her a memorable villain for fans of the series. She also shows she is a force to be reckoned with and proves to be one of the best characters introduced to the series after the first season.

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