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Astarion can be romanced.

The following sections explain Astarion's romance-specific storyline and unique mechanics.


  • 1 Storyline
    • 1.1 Act One
    • 1.2 Act Two
    • 1.3 Act Three
      • 1.3.1 Romance conclusion
    • 1.4 Epilogue party
  • 2 Romance mechanics
    • 2.1 Relationship stages
    • 2.2 Unique dialogue
      • 2.2.1 Greetings
      • 2.2.2 Party/camp interactions
    • 2.3 Romancing other characters
  • 3 Footnotes

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Astarion is the only companion who will actually actively seek to start romantic relations with the player character, although he will masterly conceal his genuine reasons for it. This behaviour concept stems from the very depths of his personality. Thus, the spawn will often prompt the player to speak with him during long rests, and it is recommended to do so at least to try to understand what is driving him closer to the player character. Nonetheless, even maintaining Very Good level of approval, the player actually hasn't got any chance to fish out Astarion's true motivation from the vampire himself until as far as middle of the Act Two.

Act One[edit | edit source]

  • Early in Act One, after discussing the ceremorphosis process with either Gale or Lae'zel (if any of them has been recruited), the player may speak to Astarion (this possibility won't be marked by exclamation sign). He will declare his readiness to end the player character off should the latter show any signs of turning into a mind flayer, but offer a bit of choice between assasination weapons he'd possibly use. Agreeing to be killed by Astarion's hand will give approval from him.
  • Getting a substantial lead on finding a cure: either the location of the Githyanki Crèche from Zorru, finding out about Priestess Gut from Sazza, or learning about Halsin's possible whereabouts from Nettie, will trigger another camp scene with Astarion. He remarks that he has grown to like the player, and the player can respond in a flirtatious manner. However, no options within the dialogue bring approval changes. The dialogue lines sound as if Astarion and the player character have been travelling together for a while, so the player may want to wait to trigger this scene till later, but that's of individual preference.
  • After the cutscene of Astarion sneaking away from campsite at night triggers, the player can find an exsanguinated boar near the Blighted Village. There are several possible points to find the ill-fated animal: on the road leading from Emerald Grove just before the bridge, to the far right path of the signpost saying 'Moonhaven' (north of the village), or at the entrance of Sunlit Wetlands (south of the village), just after the point of the dialogue with Auntie Ethel. The following long rest, the player character will be waken up by Astarion trying to drink their blood [note 1].
Astarion will approve of the player saying they trust him, and further approve of them letting him drink their blood. While allowing him to feed on the character, the player will have an option to stop him. If the player fails to do this twice subsequently, the character will die. They can simply be brought back to life using a revivify scroll or speaking to Withers in the morning. However, this scenario will lead to lose a fair amount of possible approval points. Note that players do not need to be aware Astarion is a vampire to sleep with him later on; not triggering this scene won't affect the possible romance.
  • A scene can be triggered at camp where Astarion says he has fed on a wandering bear. The following conversation nets no approval changes but the dialogue lines add some touches to help the player better understand Astarion's image, fabule and inner motivation. The parameters for trigger this scene are unclear at the moment (possibly average-good relationship), but the player needs to know he is a vampire.
  • During another camp scene that might show up if the player has already found out Astarion's true nature, the latter will confess that the player character is the first "thinking creature" he has ever drunk blood from, and admit that his thoughts now swirl around palatability traits of other companions. Further in the dialogue, the player might gain some approval by helping Astarion theoretically choose next meal among party members. Thus the spawn tries to draw the player's confirmation that his true nature does not repel or disgust them.
  • When the party comes across Gandrel, the Gur monster hunter found up on the hill to the left of the Riverside Teahouse, the player can progress their relationship with Astarion by allowing him to kill the Gur. In order to trigger this dialogue option, the player need to have already found out that Astarion is a vampire. In conversation with Gandrel, the player should ask him what he is hunting, then choose the line "Only a spawn? <…>" Subsequently, if the player chooses first or second of dialogue choices, Astarion will either make hints about killing the Gur or just ask the player's permission straightaway. Should the player agree, they will gain a fair amount of approval from the spawn, but also engage the party in the fight with the hunter.

As soon as the player reaches Good approval with Astarion (40+) and speaks with him, the spawn might propose to spend a night together, explaining that he wants to return a favor for all good that has been done to him recently.

  • Should the player agree, the cutscene itself will trigger on the next long rest, consisting of two parts. In the first one Astarion will ask the player character to confirm their intention. Doing so gains approval and proceeds the cutscene further. Later, if the player chooses dialogue options that express refusal, doubt, or distrust towards Astarion's nature, the latter will become upset and leave (nevertheless, choosing these doesn't bring any disapproval). The player character can gain additional approval by offering him their neck for a bite. The cutscene proceeds into the next morning, when the player character wakes to find Astarion who stands shirtless nearby, basking in the sunshine and flaunting his scarred back. If the player decides to ask him about the scars, they will roll a passive Astarion's Romance - Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki (13) DC 10 Arcana check to determine the language the scars are written in: Infernal [note 2]. If successful, telling Astarion about it won't bring further approval changes, but change slightly the narration in future dialogues with the spawn.
  • Through the course of the Act One, a scene can trigger where Astarion is looking into a hand mirror. The player may discuss with him the problem of maintaining a fine appearance. The issue is important for Astarion, because for all his inclination toward self-admiration he hasn't been able to see his own reflection since being turned into a spawn. The player then will have an option to 'be his mirror' and describe his face. If complimented, Astarion will prompt the player to call him beautiful. Whatever option the player chooses next, they will gain some approval.
  • Another camp cutscene (that doesn't gain any approval but still helps to understand the spawn's fabula) may trigger in the Act One [note 3]. The player will catch Astarion trying to feel his own back with fingertips. Depending on the player's previous choices on building relations with the spawn, the narration of the scene will differ. Taken by surprise, Astarion will resent at first, but then swallow the pride and take help if offered. The player character then copies the inscription onto the ground, and seeing it perplexes Astarion. Still, realizing that he can indeed get aided should he ask makes the spawn trust the player character more.
  • At the camp celebration (either with the goblins or the tieflings), the player can agree to sleep with Astarion afterwards. If this is the first time the player engages in close relations with him, it will first trigger the dialogue with him discussing insufficient reward for the party's heroics (and particularly his personal), which might proceed by the cutscene mentioned above, should the player confirm their choice.
Otherwise, the spawn might try to entice the player character into another sexual intercourse by paying compliments and finally even confessing his love (though admitting quickly and readily that it's an obvious lie). Whatever the player's decision is, it will neither gain further approval nor break the relationship. There is no additional romantic scene, it's simply implied.

Act Two[edit | edit source]

Heading into Acts Two and Three, it is important to note that Astarion might disapprove of some choices the player might make, but taking these may be for the 'better'. Disapproval of an action will not lock player out of romance scenes, and the spawn may even change his outlook on the player's decisions later on.

  • The next substantial scene with Astarion occurs after the player character visits Moonrise Towers under the guise of a True Soul, with Astarion in the party. On the main floor of Moonrise Towers resides a vendor by the name Araj Oblodra. The next long rest after talking to her triggers a cutscene where Astarion, obviously having mustered all his strength to be sincere and open with the player character, shows at last that he is able of any genuine feelings toward someone, other than hate. He finally lets the player peek under his thick shell of sarcasm and bitterness to see his true self-sentiment.
Dialogue choices made by the player here might heave the romance ahead or make the spawn break the relations. Players can pick whichever option they feel suits how they want their relationship with Astarion to be. Picking options which make Astarion understand that he's been being used by the player character just like by Cazador Szarr before (for example, manipulating the spawn into having sex with player character simply for the latter's pleasure) will be followed by a cutscene where Astarion breaks the relationship rather decisively.
A similar scene with the same outcomes will trigger if the player doesn't talk to Araj Oblodra, but has approval with Astarion at least 70 (High Approval) in Act Two and successfully completes Kill Raphael's Old Enemy quest.
  • Once the party completes this quest, Raphael will manifest at the camp and tell Astarion about the true purpose of his scars. After the devil disappears, the player character continues talking with Astarion about the information revealed. It is important for the player to ponder ahead how they want to proceed with this, as the result will drastically and conclusively change both Astarion's fate and the crux of his relationship with the player character.

Act Three[edit | edit source]

  • Early in the Act Three the party may visit the Circus of the Last Days in Rivington. One of performers there is a dryad by the name of Zethino, who will offer to conduct a love test for the player character for a fee. The player may ask Astarion to take part in it. Zethino will transport both the player character and Astarion to a woodsy area and ask questions about the spawn. The player may choose whatever answers they wish, but some of them are considered 'correct' ones, while others are not. Choosing two or more incorrect answers will result in Astarion being upset. Note that some answers bring a minor disapproval from Astarion, but for the purposes of the dryad's test are still considered correct. The list of correct answers (both that gains approval and disapproval) can be found at Approval section in correspondent Act Three subdivisions.
  • Later in Act Three, the player will meet Astarion's 'siblings' (other Cazador's spawn) twice. First, the party will encounter two of them in Fraygo's Flophouse, a hostel in the Wyrm's Crossing. The player may choose to interact with them to find out some additional info about Cazador's plans [note 4].
Regardless of whether the player manages to speak with these spawn or not, after a couple of long rests in the area a scene will trigger where other four spawn assault the party at camp with clear intentions: either to convince Astarion to return to their master or to kidnap him should he refuse. If the player chooses to take Astarion's side, his siblings will attack the party, but teleport away as soon as they are reduced to 1 HP. In the dialogue with the spawn and another one that follows the fight, the player is free to choose any lines they want, but certain choices will result in Astarion disapprove of the player character and even break relations if they have been partnered.
  • Once the player confronts and defeats Cazador Szarr in his dungeon, they may choose whichever outcome they want. They can convince Astarion to simply kill Cazador and remain a spawn, or help him to perform the Rite and become a Vampire Ascendant. Note that the latter decision will cause not only the death of Cazador and other 'sibling' spawn, but every single captive spawn in the dungeon cells around.
    • If Astarion becomes a Vampire Ascendant, his behaviour will change considerably immediately after the Rite.[note 5] Some players may be uncomfortable with his and their character's subsequent romantic dynamic. [note 6] The player also has numerous occasions to comment on his changed behaviour: they might tell him that he is now controlling and manipulative, or that there's nothing of the man they loved left in him. However, Astarion himself feels these changes are right when (and if) he admits them.

Romance conclusion[edit | edit source]

If the player long-rests after the Rite is concluded, an additional scene with Astarion will be triggered. There are two different cutscenes depending on the outcome of the Rite of Profane Ascension. Both include a dialogue and - possibly - a subsequent romance scene.

  • If the player chose to help Astarion become an Ascendant, they will have an option to become a vampire spawn. This might be a straightaway player character's request, but if the player does not use this line in the dialogue, Astarion himself will eventually try to seduce them into becoming a spawn. During the course of conversation, multiple dialogue options can lead to Astarion telling the player character he loves them (with allowance for his new understanding of the 'love' concept).
  • If the player eventually consents to becoming a spawn, they can then choose whether to sleep with Astarion again or not. However, neither choice there will impact the new-sprung Ascendant's decision to turn the player character, the only difference is whether another scene of sexual intercourse is shown. If Astarion's approval hasn't come up to 100 yet, agreeing to sleep with him will raise it a bit.
Whatsoever, the cutscene proceeds to another background (depending on the location of the player’s camp) and into another dialogue with Astarion, where he will ask the player to kneel. At this point the player may roll a Astarion's Romance - Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki (14) DC 18 Wisdom check to unveil Astarion's true attitude towards the player character. Successful check will reveal that as Ascendant, he considers even his beloved one belonging to the lower order of creatures and shall ever treat them accordingly. Nevertheless, the player might either give in and kneel, or refuse to do it, or choose to kick Astarion in the balls [note 7].
Agreeing to kneel will trigger the process proper of turning the player character. Before making the final bite, Astarion will thank them for giving him everything. It remains unclear, though, whether he means everything he himself ever wanted to acquire, or everything the character ever had, including their own life. After awakening, the player character will have received the Vampire Bite ability which provides the Happy condition [note 8].
If the player refuses to kneel twice, Astarion will leave them and, in addition, end the romance. In his new status, he obviously does not want to continue the relationship with a character he won't be able to exert total control on.
  • Players romancing Ascended Astarion as Karlach will also ultimately break up with Astarion, as he will be unable to turn Karlach into his spawn. If he attempted and failed to turn her, Astarion would blame Karlach for it and become derisive towards her. [note 9]
  • If Astarion was successfully convinced not to perform the Rite, he will tell the player he would like to show them something outside the camp. He will take them to the Lower City Graveyard and show his own grave [note 10]. After the initial discussion, Astarion will chisel current year as a new 'birth' date on the tombstone and confess his love to player character. Through the dialogue, even ironical and sarcastic lines won't make the spawn to break up with the player character. After that, the player can consent to sleeping with Astarion or not; again, neither option impacts the further relationship. If the player agrees, the scene will proceed into romance intercourse right nearby Astarion's grave.

If the player does not long-rest and instead goes straight to the end-game fight, the relationship continues between Astarion and a mortal player. In that case, the final partnered cutscene with Astarion the Ascendant will include the option to ask him make the character his spawn [Needs Verification].

Regardless of the Rite conclusion, on the next morning the player character might have a unique dialogue with Astarion (he will prompt it himself in case he turned them into a spawn). As an Ascendant, during it he reveals his truly napoleonic plans of conquering as much influence and power as he can (with the spawn character by his side or without them). He will also express his newfound feeling of all-permissiveness, especially if the player rejected his offer to become a spawn [note 11].

Otherwise (if remained a spawn), Astarion will discuss thoughtfully what has happened in the dungeons in retrospective, and sincerely thank the player again for leading him away from the edge of irrevocable losing his true self.

At this point the player might again choose the option to break up with him deliberately. Interestingly, Astarion the Ascendant will be utterly outraged about the break-up if he has already turned the player character into a spawn, but still consent to it (probably being sure he might be able to order them to return should he have such a whim).

If the player refused to become a vampire spawn and still kept high enough approval from Astarion, then after several long rests Astarion will prompt another dialogue. Obviously having cooled down a little, he will tell the player that he understands and takes in their decision, and also admit he underestimated the strength of their spirit. Still, Astarion will confess that he wanted to turn the player character into a spawn only to acquire a plaything and have some fun, but eventually to discard them. Nonetheless, he will promise to stay by the player's side until the party will have dealed with the Netherbrain.

Epilogue party[edit | edit source]

Astarion's behaviour and reactions at the Epilogue party, again, differ heavily depending on the outcome of his personal quest and slightly - on the player's decision to remain partnered with him or to break up, in each case.

  • Astarion the Ascendant has spent time passed spinning assiduously his web of power in the Baldur's Gate. When approached by the player character who broke up with him, he readily boasts of his recent achievements and conquers. He admits, though, that there's no one by his side who he could share his triumph with.
If the player chose to become a vampire spawn and remained by Astarion's side, the latter will express ultimate arrogance and sense of superiority over all former companions, player character included. Should the player doubt Astarion's opinion, they will immediately witness a fit of his temper. On the contrary, if the player sucks up to him, the new-sprung vampire lord will be pleased but take it for granted. Astarion will also ask the spawn player character to mingle with former companions - but not as much as to have fun and catch up with them, but rather to pick any information that could possibly serve as a leverage or a means of blackmail in the future.
  • Astarion the spawn has become a wandering adventurer and a bravo. If the broke-up-with player character speaks to him, he will admit that he regrets losing 'help' from the tadpole. Still, without a constant threat of becoming totally controlled by someone else Astarion has developed acceptance of his fate to spend the rest of his life in the shadows and even finds a certain fun in it.
If the player character has chosen to stay with him, at the party Astarion will simply prompt them to mingle with other companions, reasoning that they both have ahead a great deal of time to spend together.

Romance mechanics[edit | edit source]

This section contains information regarding the unique in-game mechanics and interactions for Astarion's romance.

Relationship stages[edit | edit source]

Like the other major romance options in the game, Astarion's relationship progression can be divided into specific stages: friendly, flirting, partnered, and ex-partnered:

  • Friendly: The friendly stage begins at medium approval, and is the default stage for non-romanced companions.
  • Flirting: Once the player sleeps with Astarion during Act 1, they will enter the flirting stage.
  • Partnered: In Act 2 with high enough approval, the player will be able to partner with Astarion during the long rest. The point of proceeding into this stage can be reached in either of two ways:
  • After speaking with Araj Oblodra at Moonrise Towers.
  • Having Astarion at Very High approval (70+) and progressing Astarion's companion quest by killing Yurgir.
This stage comes with unique party/camp interactions. If the player is partnered stage with any other companion, they will trigger a dialogue afterwards where they will be offered to make an ultimate choice. However, the unique confession cutscene offers an option to return to Friendly stage without losing any approval.
  • Ex-Partnered: Once partnered with Astarion, the player can break up with him anytime by selecting the appropriate dialogue option. This way, the player will return to the friendly stage with Astarion for greetings/interactions. However, Astarion can also break up with the player of his own accord if the player makes certain choices, such as coercing him into sex (after making him bite Araj Oblodra), saying it is okay for him to be thrown on the pyre by the Gur, telling his siblings can take him when they come to the camp, or refusing to become his spawn if he has become the Vampire Ascendant. In these cases, Astarion will start using negative, but unique greetings.

Unique dialogue[edit | edit source]

Greetings[edit | edit source]

Players who romance Astarion will hear unique greetings dependent on the stage of the romance and approval/game progression:

  • Flirting:
  • "It's always a pleasure to see you sauntering over."
  • "Yes, darling?"
  • "Hello, beautiful."
  • "I did miss that face, you know."
  • "Hello, my sweet."
  • Partnered (following Act 2 romance progression scene):
  • "Gods, you're beautiful."
  • "Is there something you want to talk about, my dear?"
  • (Addressing the Dark Urge) "Precious little Bhaal-babe!"
  • Partnered (following Act 3 romance progression scene):

As a Vampire Ascendant

  • "Ask me anything, and it will be yours."
  • "Little love, whatever could be the matter?"
  • "My consort, we are so close to our triumph, I can almost taste it."
  • "Look at you, precious thing, you always stare so eagerly."

If remained a Vampire Spawn

  • "Ah, you’re so adorable when you’re thinking what to say."
  • "Yes, love?"
  • "I hope there’s nothing troubling you, my dear?"

Party/camp interactions[edit | edit source]

While in the partnered stage (following his relationship progression scene in Act 2), Astarion will have the following unique dialogue options that are always available when interacting with him both in camp and while he's in the player's party, which can be instigated by selecting "Can we talk about the two of us?":

  • The player can inquire about Astarion's feelings regarding the relationship ("What are we to you?"). His response will vary depending on recent major events in his questline:
  • "I don't know. But isn't it nice - not to know? You're not a victim. Not a target. Not just one night it's better to forget. But then… Whatever in the world could you be?" (before resolving personal quest)[note 12]
  • "Nothing special, of course. You're only the first person I truly care for." (if remained a spawn)
(All next lines belong to the Vampire Ascendant)
  • "We are sovereigns. My sole endeavour is to make this worl yours and mine alone."
  • "My pretty consort, I don't like to see doubt cast upon your face. Fear not: you are mine."
  • "Seven thousand souls have given me the power to carve out my own future, and I want you to be part of it."
  • "Aeterna amantes. Lover forever, until the world fall down."
  • The player can ask for a kiss ("Could I kiss you?). Again, Astarion's responses vary depending on his current questline stage. Unlike most other companions, Astarion always has something to say after the kiss.

As an Ascendant:

  • "But of course. You deserve a treat."
  • "Oh, I can refuse you nothing."
  • "How could I say no? You're my favourite, after all."
  • "Anything for you, my darling."

As a spawn (before and after the ritual):

  • "How could I say no?"
  • "Can't get enough? I'm not surprised."
  • "There's nothing I'd like more."

Afterwards: [note 13]

  • "Delicious…"
  • "I do rather like that, you know."
  • "You are perfect, every time."
  • The player can break up with Astarion ("Whatever is between us, we need to end it").

If the player breaks up with Astarion, or if Astarion breaks up with the player for whatever reason, these options will no longer be accessible when speaking with Astarion.

Romancing other characters[edit | edit source]

This section contains information regarding how the player's relationship with Astarion impacts other romance options/scenes and vice versa.

The player can be in the flirting stage with other companions while in the flirting stage with Astarion (which typically encompasses all Act One romance scenes and minor flirting scenes during Act Two prior to the companion's major romance progression/partnering scene).

Astarion considers the player to be in a relationship (partnered) with him after his relationship progression event in Act Two (as described earlier) occurs, if the correct options are selected during the following long-rest cutscene. If the player has entered the partnered stage with another companion prior to triggering this scene and wishes to pursue a romance with the spawn, they will need to interact with Astarion in camp (before resolving the episode that lead to romance progression) to trigger the dialogue where they will have to choose between the pretendents. Otherwise, any of partnered companion might prompt the dialogue with the player character to make the ultimate choice. While Astarion, unlike most other companions, is not a monogamous type, the player can only be in the partnered stage with one origin companion.

  • Romancing Halsin: The player is able to romance both Astarion and Halsin at the same time in Act Three. Upon attaining high enough approval with Halsin, the druid may approach the player character and express his love interest while acknowledging their existing relationship with Astarion. He will suggest to share the player character with Astarion, but only if the latter agrees.
When approached by the player with Halsin's suggestion, Astarion won't object their wish. However, he will ask about the reason that caused the player to accept Halsin's proposal, and give various reaction (from flattered to mordant) depending on chosen answer. The player's relationship with Halsin does not affect their relationship with Astarion. Following this interaction, only Halsin will bring up the other during unique party/camp dialogue options (specifically when the player asks him about their relationship).
  • Romancing Sorn Orlith/Nym Orlith: When approached in Sharess' Caress in Act Three while the player is in a relationship with Astarion, the Drow twins Sorn and Nym will offer the player the option to be with both of them at once, but only if both the player and Astarion participate. The results of this interaction depend on whether or not Astarion's companion quest has yet been completed or not:
  • Before the completion of Astarion's companion quest, Astarion will express hesitation at the proposition and will tell the player he's not ready for that again. Should the player assure the spawn that they would never ask that of him again, they will be awarded with his approval (if it hasn't been maxed out already).
  • After the completion of Astarion's companion quest, he will be glad to participate in the orgy proposed by the twins. However, the narration within the cutscene itself that describe his actions and reactions will differ depending on the outcome of the quest.
  • If the player is romancing both Halsin and Astarion and both are in the party when the twins are approached, Halsin will enthusiastically volunteer for the task and can take part in the orgy either with just the player character and the twins (if Astarion does not want to participate) or with the player character, Astarion, and the twins (if Astarion does want to participate). Regardless of options chosen, this will not affect the player's relationship with Astarion moving forward.
  • Romancing Mizora: Astarion is one of those few romanceable companions who does not express much anger upon finding out about the player's yield to Mizora's molestations. Quite the opposite, when the vampire catches the player character right after them having sexual intercourse with the cambion, he will first play out an outraged hornwearer, but very soon show his true feelings: the genuine interest in the player's thrills. Depending on chosen lines, Astarion might express mild jealousy about the player not inviting him to participate, slight envy towards their newfound experience (confessing that he hadn't ever a chance to gain one such himself), or give some advice on outliving an awry tryst, obvioulsy basing on his own rich practice.
  • Romancing The Emperor: Relationship with Astarion does not affect the possibility of this option triggering. Going through the romantic intercourse with the Emperor won't take any impact on the player character's relations with the vampire, too. Even if Astarion happens to be one of three companions who stray into the player character's mind in the end of the scene due to the illithid's blissed-out negligence, the latter will keep true to his word and make Astarion forget what he saw.
  • Romancing Haarlep: Again, relationship with Astarion does not affect the possibility of agreeing to 'play a game' with Haarlep, nor does the very sexual intercourse with the incubus have any impact on further romance with the vampire. However, the decision to pledge their body to Haarlep itself will gain minor disapproval from Astarion. Afterwards, when the player character first feels the physical repercussions of the vow they made, Astarion will notice it and say that he feels sorry for them, explaining that he himself knows all too well what it is like - to lose control over one's own body due to someone else's whims.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  1. If playing as The Dark Urge, this episode will possibly have been pushed off further by triggering this origin's own nighttime plot-crucial cutscenes
  2. Tiefling characters does not need the check to identify the script and will obtain the corresponding dialogue line automatically
  3. If the player rejected Astarion's offer to sleep with him, this scene may occur anytime until as far as the middle of the Act Two, but strictly before the party meets Raphael in the Last Light Inn.
  4. As other spawn, unlike Astarion, are not protected from sunlight by a tadpole, approaching them with certain daylight-issuing weapons armed (for, example, the Blood of Lathander), will result in them gaining Sunlight Hypersensitivity condition and teleporting away, before the party can interrogate them. This doesn't have any impact on further quest walkthrough
  5. "The very composition of my blood has been altered…"
    "I can hear <…> all the lowly creatures of this plane are begging to serve"
    "You hold your breath while I speak. You await my command"
    "The world will stir in fear"
    - Astarion's quotes from post Black Mass dialogue in the dungeon.
  6. Astarion the Ascendant becomes arrogant, power-hungry and threatening. Dialogue node context lines when breaking up with him run like "Very arrogant Vampire Lord Astarion can't believe you're trying to break up with him" or "Slightly abusive/threatening"
  7. Doing this will cause Astarion to permanently leave the party
  8. Still, whenever player character obtains this condition, the infobox will have the formulation "Astarion's vampiric hunger has been sated…" in it
  9. After failing to turn her, Ascended Astarion will call Karlach "pathetic" , "broken", and, pointedly, "doomed". Dialogue node context when breaking up with Ascendant Astarion as Karlach runs as "Savouring "doomed"" .
  10. In general walkthrough the player cannot find Astarion's tombstone at the cemetery, but judging by other cutscene landmarks it seems to be located under the huge willow, next to Karlach's parents' graves. The name on the stone is written in Thorass alphabet and might be read as
    'Astarion Ancunin'
    However, the dates below do not match other dating found throughout the game and in FR lore
    Astarion's Romance - Baldur's Gate 3 Wiki (15) Thorass_alphabet on the Forgotten Realms Wiki
  11. "I can take anything I want. I should have made you a spawn just to teach you that." - post break-up dialogue with Astarion the Ascendant at the camp.
  12. In the period after having ascended and before next long rest Astarion greets the player character and answers to the question about relations with previous 'Partnered' phrases, but at the same time already gains new 'Ascendant' reactions when asked to kiss
  13. Astarion's 'after-kiss' phrases remain the same regardless of current questline outcome, which might somewhat discord with what he's actually doing
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