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UIL Championship honors & 2023-2024 winter Academic All-District athletes

Featured news - Stratford High School (1)

Student athletes in Spring Branch ISD (SBISD) have accomplished remarkable achievements this semester, notably Memorial High School's Boys Golf team clinching 3rd place at theUIL 6A Boys Golf State Championship, held in Georgetown, TX, on April 29-30.

Under the leadership of Head Coach Mike Martin.The Mustangs secured a spot among the top three teams for the second consecutive year. Stratford High School's Boys Golf team, led by Head Coach Mark Mathe, also showcased their skills at the championship, finishing 7th as a team.

Meanwhile, at the UIL 6A State Track and Field Championship, Memorial HS's Cate Bryant (9) leaped to 3rd place and Indya Dotson (12) secured 4th place in the Long Jump event. Indya, who will continue her track and field career at Ole Miss, also demonstrated her prowess in the Triple Jump, finishing in 7th place. Stratford HS's Ben Pearce (11) displayed his speed, finishing 7th in the 400m run.

Beyond the field and track, more than 170 district varsity athletes, student trainers, and managers dedicated themselves to rigorous workouts and competitions during the winter semester while maintaining academic excellence. Recognized for their outstanding efforts, these students have earned a spot on the 17-6A Academic All-District teams. This honor is bestowed upon student-athletes who not only perform well in their sports but also maintain a cumulative GPA of 90 or above.

Paige Hershey, SBISD Executive Director of Athletics, expressed pride in the achievements of these student-athletes, emphasizing their commitment to excellence both academically and athletically, “We’re so proud of the efforts our student-athletes, student trainers and managers put into their work in the classroom, in the competitive arena and in their communities through a myriad of service projects,” said Hershey. “Congratulations to these students for giving it their all to be their best and represent their schools at the highest level!”

Congratulations to these Academic All-District honorees!

Memorial High School

  • Athletics Student Trainer Sydney Albrecht (Freshmen)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Pierce Heitmann (Freshmen)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Sophia Judd (Freshmen)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Emma Kabir (Freshmen)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Maysaa Ghasham (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Zach Elkurdi (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Harris Saunders (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Ryan Stinneford (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball William Moss (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Mary Helen Turner (Sophom*ore)
  • Girls Basketball Ivy Oliver (Sophom*ore)
  • Girls Basketball Brooke Kearns (Sophom*ore)
  • Girls Basketball Draden Moss (Sophom*ore)
  • Girls Basketball Helen Rieke (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Lindsey Vlasak (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Emily Clanton (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Megan Moss (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Nicki Polocheck (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Fogo Olayiwole (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Reidland Brown (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Emma Eavas (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Rory Glover (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Ella Peterson (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Sarah Rahn (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Lexi Smith (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Cate Casper (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Tyson Marrs (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Parker Nelson (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Emma Smith (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving John Carney (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Addie Gwaltney (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Danni Lecki (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Gaberial Vasquez (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Caroline "Callie" Gormley (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Kassidy Kitchel (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Carson Koenning (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Liberty Lang (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Reid Vandervoort (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Olivia Wilkinson (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Max Lee (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Parker Reeves (Senior)

Northbrook High School

  • Athletics Student Trainer Natalie Bernal (Senior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Emerey Garcia (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Marlon Henry (Sophom*ore)
  • Boys Basketball Tenorio Aaron (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Miranda Angel (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Demetrius Holman (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Castelano Isaias (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Vargas Marco (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Young Elliot (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Ramos Jonathan (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Swinney NJ (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Linzy Avalos (Freshmen)
  • Girls Basketball Brookelynne Alexander (Freshmen)
  • Girls Basketball Anais Hawkins (Freshmen)
  • Girls Basketball Andrea Guerrero Escajeda (Freshmen)
  • Girls Basketball Aniyah Moore (Sophom*ore)
  • Girls Basketball Inara Terry (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Heysel Perdomo Lopez (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Diego Gonzalez Urbina (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Francis Fernandez Valle (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Scarlet Munoz (Junior)

Spring Woods High School

  • Athletics Student Trainer Fatima Ramirez (Sophom*ore)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Tais Lopex (Junior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Jennifer Rivera (Junior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Thao Vy (Junior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Helena Gutierrez-Lopez (Senior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Genesis Harrell (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Austin Hall (Sophom*ore)
  • Boys Basketball Asher Roth (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Joseph Salazar (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Isabella Hernandez (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Jenedid Hernandez-Bravo (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Aaron Barrera (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Jefferson Guerra (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Nabil Tlass (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving David Trevino (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving William Gordon (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Jeremiah Calletano (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Madeline Blissard (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Juan Cuevas (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Aiden Groome-Shannon (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Hannah Jennings (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving John Lee (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Michelle Martinez-Gordillo (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Alicia Schmidt (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Kevin Soto (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Landon Wolfram (Senior)

Stratford High School

  • Athletics Student Trainer Biehl Sage (Freshmen)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Pier Anissa (Sophom*ore)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Ramon Jocelyn (Sophom*ore)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Rose Ben (Junior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Whitton Peyton (Junior)
  • Athletics Student Trainer Steptoe Daya (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Shia Francis (Sophom*ore)
  • Boys Basketball Joaquin Andrews (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Cameron Cocheu (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Vasili Fikaris (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Elliot Harlan (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Parker Johnson (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Kenneth Owen (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Luke Covington (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Wes Wohlfahrt (Senior)
  • Boys Basketball Jadarrion Cheeves (Junior)
  • Boys Basketball Seven Francis (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Tess Stephenson (Freshmen)
  • Girls Basketball Anissa Pier (Sophom*ore)
  • Girls Basketball Rachel Ashby (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Kendall Davis (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Megan Hallmark (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Gretchen Loveless (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Ella O'Connor (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Isabella Perroni (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Aria Taylor (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Jaslene Willams (Junior)
  • Girls Basketball Emma Adisa (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Julie Lee (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Ella Pezzia (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Evynn Stallwitz (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Daya Steptoe (Senior)
  • Girls Basketball Kendall Zoboroski (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Olivia Ceraudo (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Savannah Ceraudo (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Jack Robertson (Freshmen)
  • Swimming/Diving Elizabeth Conner (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Sophia Giesecke (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Emmie Hanvey (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Brock Hunter (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Molly Kate Minyard (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Vince Nguyen (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Lillian Oteiza (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Bella Smith (Sophom*ore)
  • Swimming/Diving Beals Devon (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Elle Burke (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Ricky Conticello (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Avery Garcia (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Izzy Glover (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Julian Hemmer (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Nathan Moss (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Marin Pavlin (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Hana Riley (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Sam Brooks (Junior)
  • Swimming/Diving Lily Askounis (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Luke Barber (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Ben Bednar (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Austin Chao (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Elliot Easton (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Emma Jackson (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Ian Ong (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Joshua Rebollar (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Lucas Storey (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Lindsay Wong (Senior)
  • Swimming/Diving Andy Zhuri (Senior)

Click here to visit the SBISD Athletics website.

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Featured news - Stratford High School (2024)
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