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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3414 – When Carrie arrived at the Newman family mansion, the gate to the villa was closed.

The ferocious wolfhounds raised by Camryn were lying at the gate. If there was any movement outside the villa, the wolfhounds would jump up and bark wildly. Carrie was chased and bitten by these wolfhounds, and she was traumatized.

Seeing several wolfhounds, she didn’t dare to drive closer. She parked the car far away and didn’t dare to get out. She took out her cell phone and called her brother Trenton. Trenton didn’t answer the phone, and it took several minutes before he called her back.

“Trenton, where have you been? Didn’t you bring your cell phone with you? I called you, but you didn’t answer. Do you still have me, your second sister, in your eyes? You just know how to please your blind elder sister all day long.

Yes, her thighs are very thick now. You can hold her thick thighs and have no worries about food or clothing.” Trenton hadn’t said anything yet, but as soon as the phone rang, Carrie started scolding him.

“Second sister, I’m at work, and it’s inconvenient for me to answer the phone. I hid in the bathroom before I dared to call you back.” Trenton explained helplessly.

Whether the two siblings were talking on the phone or meeting in person, there was always a quarrel, and Carrie always scolded him.

Carrie said, “Work? Where do you work? Look, you gave all the property that your parents passed on to you to Camryn to manage, and she has taken it all.

As the young master of the Newman family, you need to go out to work during the holidays to earn tuition for the next semester, right?”
Trenton said with a headache, “Second sister, can you let me finish my words before you scold me?

I want to work part-time during the holidays and work for our company.” Carrie asked, “You work for our company? Does that mean you’re not in
Wiltspoon anymore?” “Well, not here.” Trenton said, “I will go back after the company has its annual holiday.”

Carrie scolded, “How many days are there in the winter vacation? You’re still going to work during the holidays. Is this blind Camryn’s idea? She can’t bear to see you sitting around at home, right? How much can you earn working part-time during the holidays?

How much are you paid per hour? Is it $1,000 per hour? If not, they are just ripping you off and treating you like a free
worker.” Trenton didn’t even want to answer Carrie.

Carrie didn’t expect Trenton to respond to her. She was just looking for an excuse to scold Camryn. Carrie said, “If you’re not in Wiltspoon, then I can’t go home. I’m at the door of our house, and the blind Camryn’s big wolfhounds are at the door of the villa.

I don’t dare go over. I wanted to call you and ask you to come out and pick me up.” Trenton quickly replied, “Second sister, I’m not at home, and my eldest sister is not at home either. Don’t provoke those wolfhounds; they will bite you.”

If Carrie called him, it must be something bad. As expected, she wanted to use him to get home again. It might be that she wanted to take something. “Second sister, that villa belongs to my eldest sister, and all your things have been moved out.

You’d better not go there when I’m not at home. My eldest sister will not show mercy to you.” Trenton didn’t want his two sisters to always be cross-eyed, so he reminded Carrie not to always run over to provoke Camryn.

Carrie also has a short memory. Even after suffering countless losses, she still has to get through it. “Where did Camryn go? She’s not in the company.” Carrie asked.

“Second sister, I’m not at home; how would I know where my eldest sister is? She’s either at home or in the el flower shop.
Go to the flower shop and look for her. If she’s not there, she might be at the York family.” Trenton was telling the truth.

Trenton really didn’t know where Camryn had gone. Not to mention that he was not at home; even if he were at home, he would
not know the whereabouts of Camryn if she didn’t want to tell him.

Carrie cursed a few more times and suddenly asked, “Trenton, during the few days you were on vacation at home, have you
heard that any big guys came to Wilt spoon?”

“I haven’t heard of it. I didn’t stay at home for a few days. After visiting my parents, I came to work the next el day What, Big guys?
Second sister, who told you that a big guy has come to Wilt spoon?” Trenton asked curiously.

“How would I know? If I knew, I would have asked you. I want to get some O information from you, but can’t get any. Trenton, you are useless. You are just a useless person who eats for free.” After scolding her brother a few words, Carrie hung up the phone.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3414 - NovelKoo (2024)
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