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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3422 – Pedro arranged a hotel for her, but she didn’t go. Instead, she locked herself in the office and spent the night there. Tonight, she wanted to spend the night in company. But she’s afraid it won’t work.

“Butler, what’s wrong?” Kathryn asked the butler coldly. Hayden brought her a cup of steaming hot coffee and placed it in front of her.

She nodded to Hayden in thanks. Hayden sat down opposite her, but didn’t pay attention to her call and instead worked.

She had to say that Hayden was very calm and steady, worthy of being the president of Queen Enterprise. Butler said, “Miss, please cback soon. Madam has refused to eat since last night and is in a bad mood.”

Kathryn was silent for a while, then said, “My mom doesn’t want to eat, which means she’s not hungry yet. Just don’t bother her. I have an appointment with a client to have dinner together.

If I break the appointment, I will just push the client to Ms. Hunt.” Ms. Hunt referred to Liberty. The butler knew it.

Kathryn didn’t lie. She was going to have dinner with Hayden later, and she would treat them.

“Madam is not hungry; he is just in a bad mood. Miss, can’t you leave? Then I will call the eldest master to check.” The butler said it helplessly.

Kathryn pursed her lips and suggested, “Ask my dad to go back. If my mom gets angry, she can say that I was worried and asked my dad to go back to check on her.”

The butler said, “I called Mr. Janzen, but he said Madam wouldn’t let him go home, and he didn’t dare go back, fearing that Madam would get even angrier.” “I’ll tell my dad.” Having said that, Kathryn hung up the phone.

She then placed the phone on Hayden’s desk, picked up the cup of coffee, took a sip, and said to Hayden, “Let’s have a meal together.” Hayden was looking at the documents without looking up and responded, “I’m just waiting for you to treatto a meal.”

After going out to play for ten days or half a month, when she cback, she was greeted by a mountain of documents. Hugh said that he had tried very hard, but there were still too many unprocessed documents piling up.

Hugh said that it was not easy to be the CEO and that it would be better to be a vice president. He also understood how much burden Hayden had shouldered for him.

Hayden complained in her heart about Hugh’s slowness. It would take her at most two days to hand over these documents.

But that d*mn kid, Hugh, said he would be busy for a week. After Hayden cback, many of the company’s managers complained to her that Hugh was not fast enough. Sometimes, they had to urge him several times before Hugh would sign a document for them.

Hayden hadn’t had tto find Hugh to find out what was going on. She ignored the fact that she had been shouldering heavy responsibilities for many years. The Queen Enterprise was under her control. She was familiar with all the projects and could handle problems quickly.

Although Hugh was capable, he was only temporarily in charge of the company. He was busy every day, and his work efficiency couldn’t be compared with Hayden.

As soon as Hayden cback, Hugh quickly dumped all the things on her. He took a day off and went out to have fun.

He said he had been so busy for so long that he didn’t even have tto see his close female friends. Everyone missed him. It made Hayden laugh and cry.

Hugh, you little br*t, you only know how to play. Hugh had a lot of female confidants, but he didn’t seem to have settled down. With so many female confidants, was there no one who could enter his heart?

Kathryn smiled, looked at Hayden, and said, “After not seeing you for a while, Miss Queen, I feel like you have beca bit more feminine.”

Hayden said calmly, “I am a woman.” She was just used to dressing like a man, so even if her identity as a woman is exposed, she will still dress like a man.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3422 - NovelKoo (2024)
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