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Married at First Sight NovelChapter 3428 – When the butler turned around to leave, Clarissa suddenly stopped him and ordered, “Let him in.” She was in a bad mood, and someone scolded her, which was good for her to vent.

“Okay, I’ll go out and talk to Mr. Janzen.” The butler was very happy to see that Clarissa had listened to his advice and hurried out to open the door for Holden.

After Holden got off the car, he saw the butler and asked, “Has your madam had dinner?”

“She hasn’t eaten. She hasn’t eaten anything in a while. She just drinks water and smokes.” The butler said this and sighed. “I don’t know what kind of problem she encountered.

It was so difficult that she didn’t even have the appetite to eat.” He had not been a butler for very long, but he had worked at the Farrell family mansion for a long time.

This was the first the saw Clarissa, the matriarch, in such a difficult situation.

After a moment of silence, Holden said, “Your madam is in a bad mood. Be careful, and don’t make her angry. I’ll go in and take a look.”

After walking a few steps, Holden turned back, walked to the front of the car, opened the door, leaned in, quickly picked up a bouquet of flowers, and got out of the car carrying a red bag.

Inside the bag was a set of jewelry. Of course, that set of jewelry was not expensive. But he spent all the pocket money that Holden had begged from his three sons.

When the butler saw that Holden remembered to buy a bouquet of flowers and bring gifts for Clarissa, he gave Holden a thumbs up.

Not long after Holden entered the house, Marco and his two brothers cback, followed by Kathryn. Kathryn was the last one to cback.

The butler cout again and waited for Kathryn to get off the car. He followed Kathryn into the house and said, “Mr. Janzen and the three young masters are back, but they still can’t persuade Madam to eat.

Miss, you have to be the head of the family. Even if the sky falls, you can’t starve yourself.” Kathryn said as she walked, “It feels like the sky is falling for my mom right now.”

Everything that was looted would soon be returned to the descendants of her aunt’s branch, which was like the end of the world for her mother.

The butler heard that Kathryn knew about it. He asked with concern, “Miss, what happened? Did the company encounter difficulties?

Is the capital chain broken?” In that case, would Clarissa still have money to pay them wages? If the Farrell Group runs out of funds and fails to raise money for turnover, it will not only affect the people in the company but also those who work in the Farrell family mansion.

Kathryn glanced at the butler and said, “Don’t worry about your salary; you won’t be short of money.” Having said that, Kathryn left the butler and walked quickly into the house.

The butler stopped, looking worried. From what Kathryn said, there really was a big problem in the Farrell Group.

No wonder Clarissa was so worried that she didn’t even want to eat.

It’s really hard to survive these days. Even a large group like the Farrell Group, which has been in business for decades or even hundreds of years, would go bankrupt.

The butler has already thought about the bankruptcy of Farrell Group. When Kathryn entered the room, she heard her dad and brothers comforting her mom and coaxing her to eat a little.

Holden brought out the food himself and placed it in front of Clarissa. How could Clarissa have an appetite for the food that was heated over and over again? At that time, Clarissa didn’t even want to eat freshly cooked dishes.

Clarissa couldn’t bear the thought that everything she had now would go back to her sister’s family (Audrey’s family), that she would be ruined, and that her children would not end up well. There was no appetite at all.

She didn’t want to eat; she just wanted to kill Audrey’s family, kill m Liberty and Serenity and sitence them all. Then there would be no one to compete with her children for everything in the Farrell family.

Unfortunately, it is not like decades re surveillancem ago now. There are cameras everywhere, and she can no longer do it as she did before. Besides, her eldest niece (Audrey) and her family have backers.

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Married at First Sight Novel Chapter 3428 - NovelKoo (2024)
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