Stir-Fried Beet Greens, Tofu and Beets Recipe (2024)

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Hannah B

Spinach works well too.


No - first the beets, then the beet greens. :-)


I saved the beets for a salad later in the week, and used the beet greens and added 2 baby bok choys with the other ingredients. I substituted 3 onions for the leeks, and rice vinegar + fish sauce for the sherry - since I had neither. I added cooked rice noodles to the dish which turned a lovely pink, contrasting with the dark green. The tofu turned out with a thick crunch on 1 side, a thin crunch with a medium bite on the inside. Delicious! Served 4 w/ a side of miso soup, with 1 srvng leftovr.


So delicious & healthy! Used kale and scallions since that's what I had. Sir fried the tofu first and set it aside. Then cooked the beets (even cut in thin julienne strips, it took at least 5 min to cook); then added the greens; (white wine instead of sherry); otherwise kept to the recipe. Would find a way to add more liquid next time...perhaps wine or broth. Week 2 of a commitment to more vegetarian meals!

Break Up The Instructions

When you're cooking over a wok at high heat, it would be advantageous to have the directions in more than one giant paragraph. Even with everything prepped and to the side, it's easy once the heat is going to lose your place. The beets come out much better if boiled first; raw beets don't cook in that amount of time.


Before I started stir frying I roasted the tofu and beet cubes together in the oven on 400 for 10 minutes or so, until the beet cubes were just tender and tofu a little brown. I loved the outcome, the texture of the beets and tofu together is very satisfying!


I got beets in my CSA box and was at a loss. I have not historically liked beets but I also didn't want to be a quitter. I was pleasantly surprised with how this turned out. I don't think I'll be buying beets on my own to make it regularly but overall it was quite tasty and I enjoyed how pink everything was. Subbed parsley for cilantro (one family member has the "cilantro tastes like soap" gene) and Chinese cooking wine for sherry. Worked fine.


This is a repeater. Even thought I didn't have cilantro in the house. Added a sprinkle of sherry vinegar. Next time I'll use the whole 12 ounce package of tofu. Beets definitely need more cook time-- 1 minute not enough. Going to try par-steaming them first. They should be easier to peel too.


That took so much longer than 15 minutes. More like an hour.


Just made this recipe for the first time with four medium golden beets – didn’t worry about the volume of the greens, which were less than specified. With a hot wok and fine julienne, there was no problem with doneness. Yes, the prep time is relatively long, but it does cook quickly, and paired with somen, it was an excellent weeknight vegetarian meal!


Be sure to cut the beets very small - otherwise they stay crunchy.


Wish I'd read this before--our beets were way undercooked.


Delicious! The food processor's julienne disc made fast work of the beets, and with everything lined up in bowls ahead of time the stir-fry worked wonderfully and tasted marvellous.Changes driven by need or taste: mirin instead of sugar; onion instead of leek; doubled sauce per others' recommendations.Delectable!


I doubled the tofu and beets, subbed kale for beet greens (and used less than it called for), subbed scapes for garlic and green onions for leeks (CSA season), and quadrupled the sauce. So good it doesn't need rice - just shovel it in your mouth. Delicious!


Lots of prep - much longer than 15min total. Still good! Have made a few times.


add a splash of rice vinegar at end. remember 30 min prep time.


WOW. The whole time I was making this I was skeptical, but I had all the ingredients so I plunged forth, and it was SO. YUM. I love beets but even I never knew beets could taste this good! I followed the recipe exactly but didn't have rice or noodles cooked, so I just heaped some into a bowl and devoured it. Added some sriracha, too. Beautiful and delicious!


I would make this again but parboil the beets more. I cooked them as in recipe after parboiling them and they still weren't remotely soft after 1 min or 5 mins. It took a little over 10 mins for them to get soft. Would have been good to add stock as one reviewer said. Everyone said the flavor of this recipe was really good. I doubled the garlic and ginger as suggested, made with Swiss chard for the greens part and served over rice noodles. No sesame seeds or cilantro but would add next time.

Penny Harris

It was a bit bland for me, even with the spices. All the veggies were great and it was a colorful pot. I would make this again and look for different flavoring.


Made as per recipe but used chard in place of beet greens because had some in the garden. So delicious! Beets did take a little longer than 2 minutes. Might add more tofu next time. Will add to vegetarian options in rotation.

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Stir-Fried Beet Greens, Tofu and Beets Recipe (2024)
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