Weiss Schwarz Rarity Guide (2024)

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  • Types of Rarity · SP (Special): Holo-foil CC/CR cards or cards with signatures. · RRR (Triple Rare): Holo-foil cards, most of these feature new descriptions and ...

  • Rarity is controlled in each Carton, Box, and Pack. Each Carton contains 16 Booster Boxes. Each Booster Box contains 20 Booster Packs, with 8 cards per pack. Extra Boxes contain 6 Packs, with 6 cards per pack. In certain cases where an extra pack releases a newer volume, one extra card is placed in as categorized as reprinted card from its older volumes. For example, Clannad Volume 2 and 3 Extra Pack. (can be found next to the Card Number.) From highest rarity to lowest, the rarities of cards ar

2. Weiss Schwarz Case Ratio / Rarity Distribution - IanTCG

  • 18 okt 2022 · The Rarity of a card can be seen on the bottom left of a card, next to the card number. These are the standard rarities. We will use the ...

  • IanTCG - Your European Local Game Store | Trading Card Game Singles, Sealed Product and Accessories shipped from the Netherlands | Weekly Discord Tournaments | Flesh and Blood TCG | Weiss Schwarz | Final Fantasy TCG | Shadowverse: Evolve | Online TCG kopen Nederland

3. Changes to Booster Pack specifications - Weiß Schwarz

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  • Beginner's Guide to Creating a Deck · Card Type ... Special Rarity: Extra Rare(XR) - Signed alternate ... Weiss Schwarz Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. View ...

  • 1 Carton = 16 boxes 1 Box = 20 packs 1 Pack = 8 cards [4x Common, 2x Uncommon, 1x Rare or higher, 1x Climax] Note: Each carton comes with a series play mat (only available in First Release [初版...

5. Booster Pack Guilty Gear -Strive- | Weiß Schwarz

  • There's also a SEC card with signature by Daisuke Ishiwatari, developer of Guilty Gear! ▷ Click to display rarity distribution!

  • Release Date: December 15, 2023 ☆ Featured Cards ★ Neo-Standard Products The fate of the world will

6. Weiss Schwarz: Welke Raritys zijn er allemaal? - PokeJapan

  • Bevat niet: guide | Resultaten tonen met:guide

  • Secret Rare/ Super Special Rare (SEC/SSP): Deze kaarten zijn onmogelijk moeilijk te pullen. Denk aan de OR uit Disney 100. De steamboat mickey kaart. Deze kaart valt onder de SEC/SSP kaarten catagorie van Weiss Schwarz

7. Weiss Scwarz: Beginner Guide

  • Weiß Schwarz: Beginner Guide. ... rare Weiß card from the D.C. and D.C.II Booster Pack. ... - TD (Trial Deck): All Trial Deck cards are this rarity, many of them ...

  • Weiß Schwarz: Beginner Guide

8. Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) - Game Rant

  • 5 mrt 2023 · Weiss Schwarz: 9 Rarest Cards (And What They're Worth) · 9 Genuine Explosion Magic - $90 · 8 A Figure Of One's True Face - $165 · 7 Kyouka, Quest ...

  • Weiss Schwarz features many anime characters fans love with some of the cards becoming quite rare and valuable because of it.

9. List of Japanese Chainsaw Man [Weiss Schwarz] Singles

  • Buy [Weiss Schwarz] Chainsaw Man singles. List ... List Ranking Help · Card Game List Weiss Schwarz Chainsaw Man ... Rarity, All Rarities, PR, SSP, SP, OFR, RRR, SR ...

  • Buy [Weiss Schwarz] Chainsaw Man singles. List of Japanese Chainsaw Man (【CSM/S96】チェンソーマン) [Weiss Schwarz] Singles. 193 kinds of cards are available.

10. Booster Pack BOCCHI THE ROCK! - Weiß Schwarz

  • 4 newly drawn illustrations of the following characters! ... Every pack you purchase has a chance to contain a sign card! ... Click to display rarity distribution!

  • Release Date: June 14, 2024 ☆ Featured Cards ★ Neo-Standard Products The widely popular TV anime

Weiss Schwarz Rarity Guide (2024)


How do you know if a Weiß Schwarz card is rare? ›

The Rarity of a card can be seen on the bottom left of a card, next to the card number. These are the standard rarities. We will use the Quintessential Quintuplets set as example: SP = Special, usually signed by the voice actor of the character.

How rare are sp in weiss and schwarz? ›

Types of Rarity

SP (Special): Holo-foil CC/CR cards or cards with signatures. Only 2 or 3 - depending on the set) are included in a booster carton. RRR (Triple Rare): Holo-foil cards, most of these feature new descriptions and art. Only 4 of these are included in a booster carton.

How to identify weiss and schwarz cards? ›

You can check which side a card exists in by looking at the bottom edge of the card. If it is white with white wings on the sides, that card is on Weiss side. If it is black with black wings on the sides, that card is on Schwarz side.

What is CR in Weiß Schwarz? ›

CR (Climax Rare) 4. CC (Climax Common) 8. 9 cards per pack, 16 packs per display.

How do I know my card rarity? ›

The rarity of a card is indicated by the color of the set symbol on the card. Cards that are Rare or Mythic Rare tend to be more powerful or have more sophisticated abilities than the more common cards, though this is not necessarily the case.

Why is Weiss Schwarz so expensive? ›

Weiss Schwarz, and indeed collectible anime cards as a whole, represent a highly volatile market. Prices shift based heavily on the popularity of a character or their voice actor, and we can see the so-called "Waifu Effect" having a massive impact on the value of cards.

Is Weiss Schwarz still popular? ›

Today, the card game is still immensely popular in Japan and has a large following in the United States. Weiss Schwarz boasts over 10,000 total cards and dozens of sets to choose from.

Can you mix Weiss Schwarz decks? ›

You can make your own decks out of your favorite titles! Even though there are many different titles, the rules are the same for everyone! Enjoy the game with your favorite titles alone, or mix them up if you so choose.

Why is it called weiss and schwarz? ›

"Weiß" and "Schwarz" are German for white and black, respectively. Card back to the Weiß Schwarz TCG.

How do I protect my Weiss Schwarz card? ›

We would highly recommend buying sleeves. This makes the cards a lot nicer to shuffle, protects your more expensive cards, and is mandatory for tournaments. Weiss Schwarz cards are Standard-sized (2.5" x 3.5" or 63.5 x 88.9 mm). The size of the sleeves are usually 66 x 91 mm.

Does CR mean I have to pay? ›

CR stands for credit, so when you see this on a bill or bank statement it means you are in credit – in other words, you have surplus money in your account. In contrast, DR stands for debit which is the amount you owe on a bill, such as a credit card bill. Or the amount you are overdrawn on a bank statement.

What does English CR mean? ›

cr in American English

1. credit. 2. creditor. Webster's New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition.

How to build a Weiss deck? ›

Deck Construction Rule
  1. A deck must contain exactly 50 cards. No more no less.
  2. A deck can only have up to a maximum of four cards with the same name, unless stated otherwise.
  3. A deck contains maximum of 8 Climax Cards. Can have less, although not recommended.

How do you tell if a card is a collectors rare? ›

Similar to Starlight Rares, the entire card face of a Collector's Rare is covered in a rainbow foiling, and the artwork can feature various embossed patterns. I've written on Collector's Rares in the past , so there's not much I haven't already said about how absolutely stellar these cards look.

How do I know if I have a valuable card? ›

In today's trading card market, condition is a core component of value. Trading cards that are in mint condition tend to be worth more than cards with flaws like centering issues, dinged corners, and creases.

How can you tell if a card is Holo rare? ›

"Foil," "holo," "holographic," and similar terms all refer to Pokémon cards with a glossy, reflective finish. Holo Rares earned their confusing name because the only way to tell a Rare from a Holo Rare at a glance is that the normal versions of Holo Rares have foil card art, while normal versions of Rares don't.

How do you tell if a magic card is rare or uncommon? ›

Common cards have a black and white symbol, uncommons are silver, and rares are gold. Mythic rares are the least frequent cards you can find, and they have a bronze symbol. There are 14-card Play booster packs are guaranteed at least six commons, at least three uncommons and three cards that could be any rarity.

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